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Journal of Epilepsy

Supervisor:Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China Sponsor:Sichuan University
Editor-in-chief:ZHOU DONG
Publishing period: Bimonthly ISSN:2096-0247 CN:51-1762/R


Editorial Board

Founding Editor-In-Chief

Shi-chuo Li (China)


Dong Zhou (China)


Associate Editors-In-Chief

Zhen Hong (China)

Liwen Wu(China)

Jiong Qin(China)

Guoming Luan(China)

Bo Xiao(China)

Yuping Wang (China)

Yi Wang (China)

Liemin Zhou (China)

Xiaoyan Liu (China)

Weiping Liao (China)

Xuefeng Wang (China)




Editorial Board

Yuwu Jiang(China)

Yan Li (China)

Bing Qin (China)

Zhaofu Chi (China)

Qin Lin (China)

Hui Ren (China)

Ding Ding (China)

Qun Wang (China)

Hui Qiao (China)

Xianming Fu (China) 

Yuehua Zhang (China)

Xiaoqiu SHao (China)

Shaoping Huang (China)

Liming Zhang(China)

Xingzhou Liu (China)

Wenling Li (China)

Xin Yu (China)

Yuxi Liu (China)

Hui Zhang (China)

Tianming Yang (China)

Xianzeng Liu (China)

Liping Zou (China)

Lei Chen (China)

Xiaorong Liu (China)

Suiqiang Zhu (China)

Chengyun Ding (China)

Hongbin Sun (China)

Ming Zhang (China)

Xiru Wu (China)

Wei Sun (China)

Qiongxiang Zhai (China)

Li He (China)

Ruopeng Sun (China)

Weidong Yang (China)

Liri Jin (China)

Weihong Lin (China)

Jianzhong Wu (China)

Shuli Liang(China)

Xiaofei Wang (China)

Fangcheng Cai (China)

Lirong Duan (China)

Weiwei Wang (China)

Yanchun Deng (China)

Liwen Wu (China)

Xunyi Wu (China)

Meiping Ding (China)

Hua Zhang (China)

Jiangxiang Liao (China)

Li Gao (China)

Yi Yao (China)

Feng Lin (China)

Wen Jiang (China)

Hui Yang (China)

Jianguo Zhang (China)





Publications Department

Managing Editor: Du Liang

Administrated by Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China

Sponsored by Sichuan University

Published by Sichuan University Press

Edited by the Editorial Board of the Journal of Epilepsy

Address: Editorial Department of Journal of Epilepsy, 37# Guoxue Xiang, Chengdu, Sichuan, 610041

Tel: +86-028-85421227    E-mail: journalofepilepsy@163.com

Printer: Chengdu Fusheng Limited Company